Inspired by their daughter, Erin, who was born with Cri du Chat Syndrome, Joe and Renee Eickmeier founded the Erin Eickmeier Foundation in 2003. Since that time, the EEF has provided many local agencies with financial support and has hosted day camps for children with disabilities. Renee is a speech/language pathologist with over twenty years of experience working with children with developmental disabilities. Her experience as a parent and therapist has driven her to provide day camp options for children who may have difficulty thriving  more traditional camps. The EEF’s long term goal also includes a group home located at the Circle Star Ranch for ambulatory adults with disabilities. The EEF hopes to begin construction on the home in a few years. They plan for their residents to be an integral part of the Circle Star community and assist with camp preparations and operations to the best of their abilities.


At the EEF, we believe in modifying the environment to meet the individual needs of our campers and residents. We have found that if we change our approach, methods, or physically alter a camper’s surroundings, we set them up for success and enjoyment. Our goal is fun, contentment and happiness. We achieve that through learning about our campers, adjusting our camp curriculum to meet their needs, and keeping the anxiety level low.

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Phone:  314-402-4032


Address:  PO Box  711 Manchester MO 63011

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